Best Music Experience in your device A smart music app for music lovers.




A smart music app for music lovers.

Multiwave Music Player is a simple music player that is focused on one thing, enjoy your music without any distractions. You can manage your music easily, Multiwave will guide you to find all the music in your phone. This music player is not only based on artists or albums but also based on the folder structure. We know very well how important your time is and how much people hate ads, That is the reason we don't put Ads in our app.

The best part about it is FREE to install.

Use our app while you are relaxed at home, working, or maybe while you are driving in your car.

The unique equalizer makes your music sounds like you've never had before.

This MP3 Player is offline, which means you don't need the internet to use it.

Following are some of the key features of this app:

App is available
for free on app store

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