EZYLife (Service Delivery Platform)

Life is getting fast and busy. People need ease and comfort in their lives. Now-a-days people prefer to buy online and get almost everything delivered at their door step which save time and hassle. It not only provides peace of mind but also the assurity of authentic and genuine product.

EZYLife also known as Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is a solution best for those businesses which focus on home delivery thru their riders. Our solution is robust in the sense that it can take orders from any source, be it from consumer mobile App, website or any other social media page. Once the order has landed in our system, it will be processed accordingly and timely SMS notification (or inbuilt App notifications) can be sent to the customers informing them about the progress of their order.

Finally, after the order becomes delivery-ready, it is handed over to rider and their App is automatically updated with the delivery order details. Once they receive the cash thru COD or money thru credit/debit card, the system will be updated back at the business site and also customer will be generated with a thank you message. This way, business can gauge the order performance and also the performance of their riders. Also it can help the business to do intelligent studies on which product/deal is getting more likes and other useful analysis.

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